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"Thanks for forwarding the additional packages. The 3 orders I made from 3 companies seem to be coming in on 4 to 6 different packages which is hard to keep track of.

In the end you are taking care of me so you are well deserving of my business."
-- MAJ Raul R., Fort Richardson, Alaska

Problem: You've found a new web site that offers great prices on items you can't find locally. You add several items to your shopping cart, but when you go to checkout you discover this merchant only ships via UPS to Hawaii and Alaska, consequently eliminating any cost savings.

Solution: Register with Aloha Forwarding and have your purchases sent to us via UPS or FedEx. When we receive your package we will relabel it with your forwarding address and ship it out the next business day via Priority Mail using the U.S. Postal Service. Check out your savings using our Savings Calculator.

Savings example
Cost of shipping a 2-lb. package from Los Angeles, CA (90025) to Hilo, HI (96721)*

Cost using UPS

Merchant ships directly to you using UPS:


Your total shipping costs:


Cost using Aloha Forwarding

Merchant ships via UPS to Aloha Forwarding:
(90025 to 98188)


Aloha Forwarding ships to you via Priority Mail:


Aloha Forwarding handling fee:


Your total cost using Aloha Forwarding:


You Save:


* Actual cost sampled on 3/09/09

Learn how to figure out the most economical way to have your package shipped to you by using our Postage Calculator Worksheet.

How To Get Started

  1. Sign up for your FREE account
  2. Order from your favorite merchant, but this time have your package delivered to Aloha Forwarding
  3. Log in to your account at and fill out a Forwarding Request form telling us where you want your package forwarded
  4. Sit back, relax and think about what you're going to do with all that money you'll be saving by using Aloha Forwarding

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