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It all started with a pair of $3.25 headphones I found online. Curious to see the shipping options, I completed the ship to address and billing information and hit the submit button, thinking I would be taken to an order summary page.

Having lived in Hawaii for several years, I was conditioned to always check the shipping options whenever I shopped online. Living in Hawaii, you learn quickly that a lot of merchants don't think of Hawaii or Alaska as being part of the United States. In fact, we have our own designation. We are part of the "non-continental" United States, which for all intents and purposes means UPS and FedEx can charge whatever they want for delivering to us. The only economical way to have things shipped to Hawaii was Priority Mail, so I was always on the hunt for merchants who shipped via USPS.

So, imagine my surprise when I was taken not to an order summary page, but rather the order confirmation page, where my worst fears were confirmed... a $34.35 shipping charge! That's 10 times more than the cost of the headphones! The merchant was on the East coast, so of course it was after hours for them so I couldn't call to change the shipping address to my Mom's, who was my "go-to person" in situations where merchants only use UPS or FedEx. She knew the drill. When a package arrived for me, she would put my address on it, take it to the Post Office and mail it via Priority Mail. Sure, it was a hassle, and we didn't like imposing on other people like that, but what are you gonna do?

So, comrades, I hope you find our services convenient and valuable. If you would like to see this type of service to other parts of the world, please let me know. And please, tell a friend.


P.S. Already tried us and like our service? Send me an email with your testimonial and we'll publish it on our web site. We'll even add a link to your business.

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