Q. How do I know Aloha Forwarding will save me money?

A. Great question! After all, we want to be a service that actually saves you money, not cost you more. And the more information you have about the costs involved, the better able you will be to make an informed decision. Here' a worksheet we created to help you out.

First off, find out how much it will cost you to have the item shipped directly to you from the merchant. You can generally find this out on the merchant's web site. This is your baseline. Your go/no go number. If we can beat it, great, then we can save you money. If not, then you will want to have the merchant ship direct.

Next find out the weight and dimensions of your package. If you're only ordering 1 item, the dimensions of the item will be close enough. If the weight isn't listed on the web site, a call to customer service will get you that information. If you're ordering multiple items that will be shipped together, customer service should be able to give you the dimensions of the package. Worse case, you'll have to estimate the size.

Next compute the shipping cost from the merchant to our ZIP code, 98188. There will be a lot of variables in this figure because some merchants offer free shipping within the continental U.S., others will ship by USPS within the continental United States but not to Hawaii or Alaska, some charge a handling fee, etc.

To compute postage from Aloha Forwarding to you, go to the USPS Postage Price Calculator ( If the dimensions of your package are larger than 12x12x12, make sure you select the "Large Package" radio button. Enter the weight, the from ZIP code (80224), your ZIP code, then click "Continue". If you selected the "Large Package" radio button, the next screen will ask for the dimensions of your package. Go ahead and enter it on this page, then click "Continue".

The last page will display postage rates from Aloha Forwarding to you. Write down the price for Priority Mail and Parcel Post. Sometimes the price difference between Priority Mail and Parcel Post is so great, you may be willing to wait 6 weeks for delivery.

Now figure out our handling charge. It is based on the weight of your package.*

Aloha Forwarding Pricing

Now add up:

1. shipping cost from merchant to Aloha Forwarding
2. postage from Aloha Forwarding to you
3. handling charge
4. and if your package will be delivered outside the United State, such as to Guam or Saipan, add $4 for filling out the custom's form. (If you're taking advantage of our Repacking Service, add $4.)

This is your cost to have your package forwarded to you by Aloha Forwarding. Now compare this number with the shipping quote you received from your merchant, and you have your answer!

Something else to consider is how fast you need your package. A general rule of thumb would be 7 days for delivery using Aloha Forwarding after you place your order with the merchant (3 days UPS ground to Aloha Forwarding, plus 4 days Priority Mail to you). If you only save a few dollars using Aloha Forwarding, it may be worth it to have it shipped direct and receive your package sooner.

A note about oversized packages: The USPS charges extra for anything larger than 12x12x12. If the dimensions of your package are larger than 12x12x12, there's a higher chance that we won't be able to save you money. There are even certain circumstances where it will cost you more to have us forward your package to you, and that isn't any fun. Please be aware.

It's very important to us that our members have enough information to make an informed decision about whether or not to use our services. Please email us or give us a call if you have any questions.

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