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Need to ship your car to Hawaii? Have a pallet of perishable petite peas you need air freighted? Or how about a 40 foot container for all of your belongings? Maybe you have a few over-sized boxes you would like shipped the most economical way? Then you've come to the right place. Aloha Forwarding realizes we won't always be the best solution for your shipping needs, so we've come up with a handy resource guide that should cover all your shipping needs.

Shipping Your Car to Hawaii

We recommend Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines. We know people who have used Pasha to ship their cars and they have been very happy with the experience. Pasha ships all kinds of vehicles, from motorcycles to construction equipment. Cheaper than Matson, and more convenient.

Shipping Containers

Really, the only game in town is Matson. Their web site says it best: "The principal carrier of containerized cargo and automobiles between the US Pacific Coast and Hawaii, and the Hawaiian Neighbor Islands." Matson is your one-stop shop for all things container related. They can arrange for delivery of a full-size or half-size container to your home or business. Just fill it up and they will pick it up for you and take it to the ship. They have a neat GPS Tracking feature so you can follow the progress of the ship your cargo is on.

Freight Forwarding

While we've had good experience with Honolulu Freight Service, another freight forwarder we are happy to recommend is DHX. They even have an online rate request form to make shipping easier. Both of these freight forwarders will pick-up your shipment from you, or you can have your shipment delivered to one of their locations.

Air Freight

Here's a service our friends in Alaska can also use. Ship To Alaska, and their sister site, Ship To Hawaii, are a members-only shipping service that can save members up to 70% on airfreight shipping from the lower 48 to Hawaii and Alaska.

If you know of a shipping service you have been happy with and would like to include here, please let us know.

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