Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Aloha Forwarding?

A. The founders of Aloha Forwarding are former residents of Hilo, Hawaii, who were appalled at the high rates private couriers like UPS and FedEx would charge for deliveries to Hawaii and Alaska. When they moved to the mainland, they saw it as an opportunity to provide a service they wish they had when they lived in Hawaii.

" I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I've been living on Maui for 10 years now and do all my shopping for personal and business online. When I found your site I wanted to cry! You just opened up a HUGE door to expand our business cost effectively. All our hopes of expanding into new areas were dashed up until now! Thank you, thank you, and Mahalo!! "
-- Christina Brown, owner, The Butterfly Grove

Q. What does Aloha Forwarding do?

A. We are a package receiver and forwarder. We receive packages at our Tukwila location on your behalf, then turn around and forward them to you using the US Postal Service (USPS) at a more affordable rate. UPS and Fedex rates for mainland delivery are about a third less than rates to Hawaii and Alaska. Even after adding Aloha Forwarding's modest handling charge, you can still save an average of 40%.

Q. How is Aloha Forwarding different from a freight forwarder?

A: A freight forwarder assembles small shipments into one large shipment for overseas delivery. Upon reaching its destination, the shipment is separated into small shipments and delivered. Aloha Forwarding does not assemble packages into larger shipments. Once a package is delivered to our offices, it is processed and shipped out to you via USPS the next day.

Q. How does package forwarding work?

A. Any parcel or package may be forwarded using either Parcel Post or Priority Mail it's your choice. A handling fee is assessed to each package shipped based on weight.

"THANKS. I love your service. I'm from Guam way out here on the other side of the Pacific. I'll spread the word out here on Guam!"
-- Jun Escalona from Dededo, Guam

Q. Do you ship to Guam?

A: Yes. But because we are required to fill out customs forms for shipments to Guam, we need to charge $4 extra for this service.

Q. Are there any countries you don't ship to?

A: We don't ship to Indonesia or Nigeria.

Q. Anything I should know about forwarding packages to Canada?

A: Yes. USPS to Canada has narrower parameters for Priority Mail than it has for domestic. Weight limit is 66 lbs and maximum dimensions of 42" length, and maximum length plus girth combined of 79". Delivery time has been around 2-3 weeks.

Q. Do you guys charge Washington state sales tax for items forwarded through your office?

A: We do not charge a sales tax for any packages shipped through Aloha Forwarding.

Q. Do you forward to FPO/APO addresses as well? Many in the armed forces face the same restrictions when shopping online. Delivery times are more varied, but those using the FPO/APO would understand that.

A: Yes, we ship to FPO/APO addresses. As our service becomes better known, we get questions from people all over the world asking us if we'll ship to them. We've even forwarded a package to a client in Russia! Bottom line is, Aloha Forwarding will ship to PO Boxes, APO/FPO, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, Puerto Rico and international addresses. Just remember that if we have to fill out a custom's form, there's an additional $4 fee. If you would like to know how much postage will be to your country, go to the USPS Postage Price Calculator ( and fill in the information about your package. Our zip code is 98188.

Q. Who should use Aloha Forwarding?

A: Anyone living outside the continental United States who orders something from a mainland merchant and your only shipping options are UPS or FedEx.

"Thank you for your amazingly quick reply! I am excited to use your service and thank you for helping all of us, especially us small business owners, by giving us the opportunity to save money on those dreaded shipping costs!"
-- Cathy Y. from Honolulu, HI
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Q. When shouldn't I use Aloha Forwarding?

A: If one of the merchant's shipping options is USPS Priority Mail.

Q. How is Aloha Forwarding different from ShiptoHawaii?

A: ShiptoHawaii consolidates packages and sends them out twice a week by air freight. We ship things the next day after we receive them, and Priority Mail takes 3-4 days to Honolulu, so we get your package to you faster. With ShiptoHawaii, you have to go pick up your package at a will call counter located near the Honolulu airport. We eliminate the hassle by having your package delivered to your door by the USPS. Also, we don't charge a membership fee.

Q. How do I know Aloha Forwarding will save me money?

A: Great question! After all, we want to be a service that actually saves you money, not cost you more. We consider this to be such an important question, we've created a separate page in which to answer it.

Q. Are there different forwarding options?

A: Yes, you can choose between Priority Mail and Parcel Post. If you're not in a hurry to receive your package, Parcel Post offers the least expensive rates, but delivery time is 5-6 weeks. Priority Mail is delivered in 3-4 days. Flat Rate Boxes will be used if the weight is greater than 2 pounds and the package fits in a Flat Rate Box.

Q. Can you ship ammunition?

A: No, Postal Regulations prohit sending ammunition through the mail.

Q. Will you open my package?

A: We now offer a repacking service. If you give us permission to open your package, that gives us flexibility to save you additional money. Our Repacking Service Agreement is available once you sign up for our service. We charge a $4 repacking fee.

Q. What if I need to forward my package to an address different than the one I registered under?

A: No problem. Each time you fill out a Forwarding Request, you can either use your default address, or fill in a new address. All your addresses are saved, so it's easy to select the address you want a particular package shipped to.

Q. Will you repack my package in a Flat Rate Box?

A: If your package fits in a Flat Rate Box and it is less expensive, we will use the Flat Rate Box to forward your package to you. You can also give us permission to open your package, which increases the likelyhood that we can fit the contents into a Flat Rate Box. We charge a $4 repacking fee for this service. Otherwise we will re-label your package with your forwarding address and proper postage.

Q. Is insurance available?

A: Yes. You will have the option to add insurance when you fill out a Forwarding Request. Insurance to Canada is currently not available.

"Thanks so much for the extra trouble you took! I really appreciate having your service. The company wanted $63 for the shipping. This saves me $20 right there. I've already told people around here about your business and they're interested in seeing how it works for me. I'll be sure to pass along the good word."
-- Dorothy Madigan from Naalehu, Big Island
Mrs. M's Bed and Breakfast

Q. Do I need to fill out a Forwarding Request every time I want to forward a package?

A: Yes. When we receive your Forwarding Request, it tells us to be on the lookout for your package, and also lets us know where the package should be forwarded.

Q. What happens if I forget to fill out a Forwarding Request?

A: If we receive a package without a Forwarding Request, we will contact you via email for forwarding instructions. You will be charged a $5 fee for this service.

Q. Does it cost anything to sign up?

A: No. But when you fill out your first Forwarding Request, you will need to enter your credit card information.

Q. What payment types do you accept?

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A: We now exclusively accept payment through Paypal, which allows you to make a payment using your credit card. No PayPal account is necessary.

Q. Are there any annual membership fees?

A: No.

Q. When will I be billed?

A: You will be sent an invoice through PayPal when your package arrives. Your package will be shipped after your payment is received.

Q. How is the service priced?

A: The cost of each package is calculated based on the actual weight, dimensions and delivery method (Priority Mail or Parcel Post), plus a small handling fee. We don't upcharge on postage. We charge a $4 fee if we need to fill out a Customs Form, and $4 if we repack and/or consolidate packages for you. Here is a list of our handling fees*:

Aloha Forwarding Pricing

Q. What is the maximum weight per package?

A: Maximum weight per package for the U.S. Postal Service is 70 lbs. However, if you have something heavier than 70 lbs., then we recommend using DHX for your freight forwarding needs. Here is their rate quote request form.

Q. Are there any limitations on what I can ship?

A: Since we use the services of the USPS, we follow their guidelines, which basically prohibit anything liquid, perishable, flammable or potentially hazardous. You can view the Postal Service guidelines here.

Q. Can I ship furniture, like a table or chairs?

A. The Postal Service has a weight limitation of 70 lbs, but they also have a dimensional limitation. The maximum size for Priority Mail is length (the longest side) + (width x 2) + (height x 2) = 108", for Parcel Post it is 130". You can call the merchant and ask for the weight and dimensions of the package. If you have something larger than this, we recommend using DHX. Please use their rate quote request form.

Q. What if my package is perishable/too big/too heavy?

A. If you want to ship something that is either perishable, or too large or bulky for the Postal Service, we recommend using DHX. Please use their rate quote request form.

"I just used your services for the first time and I am so glad I found you! I saved over $20 on shipping and it came really quickly. Thank you so much! I will be sure to refer my family to you now!"
-- Joni K. from Kaneohe, HI

Q. What if one of the item's I've ordered is on back order? Will I need to pay two separate handling fees?

A. We can hold onto the item that is delivered first and consolidate both when the back ordered item arrives. Otherwise there would be a separate handling fee for each package we mail out.

Q. How much money can I save?

A: Aloha Forwarding will endeavor to ship your package per your instructions in the cheapest possible way. For example, if you request your package to be shipped Priority Mail and 1) it weighs more than 2 pounds, and 2) it fits in a Flat Rate Box, your savings can be substantial. Because we won't know the package characteristics until we receive it, we are unable to quote you the exact cost of shipping your package ahead of time. However, you can use our integrated Savings Calculator to get an idea of how much you will save. Rest assured every package will receive individual attention to make sure it is shipped in the most economical way possible.

Q. What address do I give merchants?

A: Below is an example of the address you should use for your purchases. Please remember to always include your Aloha Forwarding account number (e.g., "#Bila34").

Your Name, #______
c/o Aloha Forwarding
13345 Old Highway 99 SE
Tenino, WA 98589

Q. How do I get started?

Step 1. First, sign up. You will immediately be assigned your Aloha Forwarding account number.
Step 2. Order your merchandise as you normally would, but use our address with your account number as the ship-to address.
Step 3. Log into your account at the website and fill out a Forwarding Request form.

It's that simple!

Q. How will I know when Aloha Forwarding receives my package?

A: Go to UPS or FedEx and track the package using the tracking number provided by the merchant.

Q. How will I know when Aloha Forwarding has shipped my package?

A: You will receive an email from us when your package is shipped. We usually ship the day after we receive your package.

Q. Do I need to sign a long-term contract to use your services?

A: No. Use our services whenever you want to save money on shipping.

Q. My merchant says they can't ship to an address other than my credit card's bill to address. What should I do?

A: Call your credit card company and add our address as an authorized ship to address.

Q. Probably wasn't due to Alohaforwarding, but when I received my box, it was smashed and some holes in the box. Luckily there wasn't anything missing from within.

A: We inspect every package that arrives at Aloha Forwarding. If a package arrives that is damaged and/or looks like the contents may be damaged, we'll notify you. With your permission, we'll open the package and inspect the contents. If there is damage, we would be happy to return the package to the merchant for you. There is no handling fee for returning packages.

Q. I have a question that isn't answered in your FAQ. Where can I get my question answered?

A: Please email your question to We'll answer you direct, and we'll also post your question in our FAQ section for the benefit of others.

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